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I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and professionalism you have shown us here at Artesian Wellness and Recovery Centers. We decided to look into an alternative for billing and research different companies. We spoke to multiple highly respected billing companies before making the decision to make a change. Change in our environment can be hectic and unknown, causing stress between our different departments. I must say this was not the case with Urgent. The transition was smooth and their staff was always there to answer questions and guide us in any procedure we had questions on that may have differed from our previous billing companies. The response time is amazing to our questions and phone calls. Having a portal to view real time census and billing gives us more freedom to project our monthly goals and outcomes as well as our budgets. We have seen our days of approved care increase in our PHP, IOP ,and OP services. Their UR department has battled for us on many occasions and have gotten denials overturned. Not only has this helped our business but helped us provide better and longer quality care to our clients and their loved ones. We here at Artesian wanted to thank you once again and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Erik J. CEO August 19, 2016

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I have worked in substance abuse for 18 years, and in these years, I have worked for and partnered with many companies.  I opened my new business a year ago, and was in need of a billing company.  Six months into the business being open, we found ourselves basically bankrupt.  We found Urgent Medical Billing by what I now know was Divine intervention.

We at PsychNow pride ourselves on quality care and services and standards of excellence; I can honestly say that in all of these years of working with various companies, Urgent Medical Billing is one of the finest I’ve ever had the good fortune to partner with.  They hold the same values we do.  Without their stellar services, I’m quite sure we would have had to close our doors.

The customer service is second to none.  Everyone at UMB from the billing manager to the Vice President to the owner has taken it upon themselves to ensure that we succeed and prosper.  The personal investment in us is heartfelt.  The owner, Mr. Joseph Dumbroth, has always taken my calls and taken time out of his days to sit with me when I had questions.  The Vice President, Mr. Gregory Drew, calls me weekly to check in, ensure we are getting everything we need, and continuously offer any additional services we could benefit from.  The UMB staff has provided many trainings to our employees, constant support, and a restored faith in the business world.

We are forever grateful to have found Urgent Medical Billing.  “Thank you” will never be enough for everything they do.

Lissi S. CEO August 19, 2016

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I think they're great! They're professional and very responsive. Anytime you reach out to them they're right back at cha. But they're proactive  so you don't really have to reach out to them they reach out to you.  The account rep, Gregory Drews is great! Kat who walks you right through credentialing she's awesome! You get right up to speed real quick and you start seeing the differenced between UMB and the others very fast. We've been to several other billing companies since we started and UMB is by far the best!

Tyler G. Owner October 24, 2016