About Urgent Medical Billing

Urgent Medical Billing is a premier medical billing company dedicated to building and protecting your greatest business financial investment.  We accomplish this with the highest levels of integrity, compliance, ethical practices, and urgency in our commitment to you and in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our industry.  The UMB goal is for your company to successfully transition through the medical billing system with unprecedented success rates for your claims processing, collections, and reimbursement of accounts receivables.

“The Difference That Makes The Difference.”

Mission Statement

Urgent Medical Billing is dedicated to providing addiction treatment and mental health professionals with the best possible medical billing services available. We pursue full and fair financial reimbursement for our clients and to assist clients in the development and growth in their profession. We accomplish this with the highest levels of integrity, compliance, ethical practices, and urgency in our commitment to timely and accurate billing and collection services, support services, and in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our industry.

Vision Statement

Urgent Medical Billing holds the vision and intent to provide our customers with a platform of unparalleled business service and strategies to enhance and strengthen the medical billing and reimbursement process of medical claims, while successfully accompanying our customer’s growth and stability in their profession of addiction treatment and mental health services.

About the Medical Billing Industry

The medical billing Industry is changing rapidly.  New diagnostic codes and billing practices are changing the landscape of medical billing, claims processing, and financial stability through reimbursement of medical claims.  Insurance companies are implementing new standards for meeting criteria for medical necessity, patient eligibility, changing rates for co-pays and deductibles, and challenging previously acceptable licensure and practices, all of which fluctuate drastically between each insurance payer source.  National health care reforms are adding to the complexity of medical insurance and patient eligibility, which affects physicians, and all medical service providers, including addiction treatment and mental health service providers.  More recently, insurance companies are demanding national accreditation for addiction treatment providers through increased denials of patient’s admission into addiction treatment facilities, citing accreditation requirements not previously needed.   Urgent Medical Billing advocates on your behalf and your patient’s rights to receive health care services, while adhering to the guidelines and protocols set forth in the medical and health care provider industry, and well as the medical billing profession.

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